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What Can Mooving Estates Do For Landlords?

Legionella Risk Assessment

Mooving Estates are accredited assessors to provide a full legionella risk assessment on your property. Please contact us for details.

How Often Should I Carry Out A Legionella Risk Assessment?

According to HSE ACoP L8 The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems, the assessment should be reviewed every 2 years and if there is reason to suspect that is no longer valid, for example:

•    Where there have been changes to plant, the water system or its use;
•    Where there have been changes to the use of the building;  
•    Where new information about risk or control measures has become available;
•    Where monitoring indicates that control measures are no longer effective. 

(Source: Legionella Risk Assessment Register.)

Domestic Energy Assessments

We can now carry out Domestic Energy Assessments, mainly covering Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.


For more details about this service, please email

Why is an EPC is required?


An EPC is intended to provide prospective buyers and tenants of a building with correct information about the energy performance of the building and practical advise on improving such performance.


An EPC provides an energy efficiency rating (related to running costs) for a building based on the performance potential of the building itself (the fabric) and its services (such as heating, insulation ventilation and fuels used). Not all buildings are used in the same way, so the energy rating uses 'standard occupancy' assumptions which may be different from the way the building is used.